What Are the Best Windows to Block Out Heat?

Every homeowner in the UK wants to save money on their electric bills right now, but simply turning plugs off at the wall isn’t enough to make much of a difference these days, which is why more creative methods need to be adopted. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together the best types of windows for blocking out heat, which can save you around £115 per year on your energy bills.

Standard Double Glazing

The industry standard for energy efficiency is double glazing, and it’s the window choice most people associate with keeping the home warm. This type of window brings two glass panes together with a layer of argon gas in the middle. However, in 2023, there are more effective energy-efficiency windows on the market.

Triple Glazing

If you want your windows to reduce heat even further than double-glazing, you can now get your hands on triple-glazed windows, which add a third layer of glass. According to Green Match, triple-glazed windows are around 60% more energy efficient than double. However, it will come with an additional installation cost.

Low-E Argon Gas

If you’re looking for the best window glass to reduce heat, then search no further than low-E coated argon gas windows. These types of windows combine low-glass coating and argon gas, which work together to regulate temperatures. Essentially, during the winter, the windows trap more heat, and during the summer, they allow more heat to escape.

What Are the Best Windows to Block Out Heat?

Adding Secondary Glazing

If your home currently has single-glazed windows, you’re getting very little benefit when it comes to heat retention. However, if you’re on a limited budget, having all windows replaced with double glazing can feel like a lot. Fortunately, you can apply secondary glazing, which adds another pane of glass for a much lower cost. However, it’s not quite as energy efficient as replacing the entire window with double glazing.

Treating Existing Windows

If you want to boost the energy efficiency of your windows with very little cost or work involved, you should consider using heat reflective window film. The premise of having film-based heat reflective windows is simple – a small percentage of the sun’s heat is diverted away from your property. If you’re unsure about using window film to block sun heat UK, you should know that it’s much more effective at keeping heat out than simply closing the blinds or curtains.

Does Frame Material Matter?

Glass type is a huge factor when talking about energy-efficient windows, but it’s also important to discuss the frame material. For example, a uPVC frame will insulate more heat than aluminium and other metals, which is why it’s so great when paired with double glazing. Additionally, fibreglass, wood and composite windows should be favoured over metal options.

Saving money on energy bills can make all the difference when it comes to daily living, so it’s worth knowing which windows are best to keep the heat inside. With the insights outlined above, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency no matter what your budget is.

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