Toughened Glass & Safety Glass Repair Across London

Britannia Glass are experts in replacing and repairing the toughened glass. We can service windows for commercial or residential properties throughout London. Everything from shower doors, patio doors to shop windows and safety glass panel replacement for doors. We offer great rates on tempered, safety and toughened glass and all our glaziers are fully trained and insured and toughened glass work guaranteed.

24hr, 7 days a week, 1hr response and no call out charge, alongside a great reputation, what more could you ask for?


Fast & Efficient Window Repair For Your Home & Business

Within an hour we can reach your property. More often than not it is possible to repair your toughened glass, safety glazed window at your home or business right there and then as we carry a huge variety of toughened and safety glass in stock and our vans are ready to go. If we cannot make immediate repairs ( an unusual occurrence ) we board up your windows or doors and return as soon as possible to make a permanent repair.

If you are looking for a fast response and an efficient toughened glass repair service then call us now and remember we have No Call-Out Fees.

Toughened Glass Services

  • Door Work / Door Reglazing
  • Window Frame Repair & Replacement
  • Single Glazing
  • Shop Fronts
  • Double Glazing ( Units Supplied )
  • Broken Unit Replacement
  • Quality Glass
  • Work Guaranteed
  • Ventilation Holes

Why Choose Britannia?

  • 24/7 emergency glaziers
  • One hour response time
  • No call out charge
  • Fully guaranteed work
  • Police approved
  • Free quotations
  • Fully insured
  • Cheapest prices around

Some Common Questions Answered About Toughened Glass

The best glass for a shop front is toughened or tempered glass. It is highly durable and shatter-resistant, providing enhanced safety and security for the premises. Additionally, it offers excellent transparency, allowing potential customers to see the products on display clearly. Moreover, toughened glass is more resistant to environmental factors and is less prone to damage, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for a shop front

The recommended thickness for shopfront glazing is typically between 6mm to 10mm. However, the specific thickness will depend on various factors such as the size of the glass panels, the level of security required, and the location of the shopfront (e.g., high-crime areas may necessitate thicker glazing). It is essential to consult with a professional glazing provider who can assess your specific needs and local regulations to determine the most appropriate thickness for your shopfront glazing.

Difficult to cut or modify: Toughened glass is designed to be stronger and safer, but this also makes it more challenging to cut or alter to specific shapes or sizes, requiring specialised equipment and expertise.

Limited post-production alterations: Once toughened, the glass cannot be drilled, cut, or modified further. Any required alterations must be made before the toughening process.

High initial cost: Toughened glass is generally more expensive than standard glass due to the additional manufacturing process involved.

No repair options: Unlike regular glass, toughened glass cannot be repaired if it gets chipped or scratched. Replacement is the only viable solution.

Despite these disadvantages, toughened glass remains a popular choice for various applications where safety, durability, and resistance to breakage are crucial considerations.

In summary, tempered glass and toughened glass are two different names for the same type of safety glass that undergoes a
special manufacturing process to increase its strength and safety properties.

Burglars can break toughened glass, but it is significantly more challenging for them to do so compared to standard glass. Toughened glass is designed to be much stronger and more resistant to impact, making it a deterrent for potential intruders

Can you tell if glass is toughened?

Identifying toughened glass typically requires visual inspection by a professional glazier or glass expert or looking for specific labels or markings indicating that the glass is toughened.

Can you cut toughened glass with a glass cutter?

No, you cannot cut toughened glass with a glass cutter. Toughened glass is specially treated to increase its strength, making it harder and more resistant to cutting compared to regular glass. If you try to cut toughened glass with a glass cutter, it will likely shatter due to the internal stresses caused by the tempering process.

Does toughened glass crack?

Toughened glass is designed to be stronger and more resistant to impacts compared to standard glass, but it is not indestructible. If subjected to extreme force or localised pressure beyond its capacity, toughened glass can crack or shatter. When it does break, it will fracture into small, granular pieces with dulled edges, which is a safety feature intended to reduce the risk of injury from sharp shards.

With over 20 years of glass replacement experience, we are experts at emergency glass repairs and always strive to offer a prompt and professional service.