It’s Time For Glass Replacement Services To Update Your Windows

Windows do an essential job in every building; so much so, we often take them for granted. But, like everything, they have a lifespan. So when do you know it’s time to replace yours? Obviously, if a pane or window frame is broken, it’s obvious you need to seek a glass repair or glass replacement. But there are other indications that your windows badly need replacing. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide.

The Age of Your House and Windows

If your house is over fifteen years old, it is a good time to check your windows. Single frame glass panes, often installed in older houses, result in higher energy bills because your heat seeps out, and they’re a target for burglars as they’re easier to break. If you’re also having problems opening or closing windows, then this is another obvious sign. Any of these signs point to one thing: now is a good time to consider replacing your windows and, if necessary, fitting energy-efficient panes in place of those draughty old single glass panes.

Moving and Rotting Frames

Take some time to inspect the frames, hinges and walls surrounding each window. Apply pressure on your window frame, to see how secure your windows really are. Your frames shouldn’t move at all and, if they do, it could mean something is loose and your windows are not securely fitted. If any frames appear to be rotting, then both the glass pane and frame needs to be replaced immediately.

Broken Hinges and Gaps in the Wall

Look for any gaps in the wall surrounding the window frame – this means your windows are not fitted as tightly as they should be. Remember to check for signs of loose or broken hinges. Not only will they cause your windows to slant, they can also weaken the entire window structure.

Condensation, Sound and Rising Heating Bills

Check the inside of your window – this should always be dry. Excess moisture signals either a loose glass pane or weakened seals between the sash and window frame. If you have noticed any signs of condensation on the inside – this is a certain sign that you will need to repair your glass panes and frames, or even replace them completely. What’s more, if your energy bills are rising and/or outside sound is becoming more noticeable, it’s time to look at glass replacement. Replacing single glass panes with energy efficient windows could save you up to £175 off your annual energy bill!