The Basics Of Board Up Services

When weather-related issues, vandalism or a fire damages your home, it is essential to discourage trespassing, looting and keep the elements out and board up your windows as soon as possible. 

Whilst it’s easy to dwell on your loss, don’t leave your home vulnerable. Britannia Glass is always on call to help secure your home until a repair team or window installer arrives. 

shop windows after board up services

What are Boarding up Services?

Glass is much easier to break than a solid wall, making windows an extremely vulnerable entry point into your home, particularly if they are old or in bad condition.

Regardless of the cause of your damaged windows, it may take a while to get them replaced. If a natural disaster has damaged your windows, your local installer could have a long waitlist. Boarding up services can secure your home whilst you wait.

Reasons to choose a Board Up Service

Several situations may cause your windows to break. The most common examples include:

  • Fire – Sudden fire flames can destroy your home. Heat can shatter glass windows, causing a significant amount of damage.
  • Property vacancy – Abandoned and foreclosed properties often have broken windows. Board up services ensure the property is protected from vandalism and further damage until someone buys the property.
  • Storm damage – Hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms can seriously damage your home. The pressure differential between the outside and inside can shatter windows. There is also the possibility of debris hurtling at your windows, smashing them on impact.
  • Preventative measure – When a big storm is forecasted, it is a good idea to use boarding up services to protect your windows from breaking. Then all you have to do after the storm passes is remove the boards to restore your home back to its original state.

Benefits of Board Up Services

The money-saving benefits of boarding up windows are great.

  • Prevent damage – If there is a storm forecasted, you can prevent damage to your home by boarding up your windows. You’ll also save money on replacing broken windows.  If you have not taken any preventative measures and your home is damaged, reduce any further damage by boarding up your windows as soon as possible until you can replace them.
  • Retain insurance coverage – In the aftermath of a natural disaster, your first task should be to call your insurance company. Boarding up windows ensures excellent coverage for your claim as the boards prevent further wind or water damage.

Reduce the risk of vandalism

Using a boarding up service is necessary if you occupy a damaged home or want to preserve an empty property until it sells. Boarding up windows will deter theft and vandalism and prevent any liabilities from arising if an intruder enters the building and sustains an injury.

What can Britannia Glass do for you?

Britannia Glass provides 24hr emergency boarding up services across London

Regardless of the cause, whether it’s burglary, vandalism or bad weather, we understand the stress and trauma of discovering your property are damaged. Your main concern will be to ensure that your home or business is secure and safe, so using a trustworthy boarding up service like Britannia Glass is essential.

Get a quotation here today, or call us on this number: 0203 305 7161 if you have an emergency.