PROS & CONS of DIY Window Repair

Having a window that is broken, cracked, draughty or stuck can be annoying and disrupt your home’s temperature regulation and security. Some homeowners may consider doing a DIY repair to save time and money instead of hiring a professional glazier. While small repairs like reglazing a pane or replacing a sash cord are doable for a handy homeowner, larger jobs like replacing an entire window unit may be better left to the pros. This article will examine the main pros and cons of DIY window repairs so you can determine which jobs you may want to tackle yourself.

Window Repair

How to Know if Your Windows Need Repairing

It's important to evaluate any window issues promptly to avoid bigger problems down the road. Signs your windows may need repair include:

  • Broken, cracked or missing panes
  • Peeling paint, rotting wood or rust around the frames
  • Draughts, water leaks or condensation between panes
  • Difficulty opening, closing or locking the windows
  • Loose or damaged sash cords
  • Fogging or discolouration between double panes

Catching problems early allows for easier repairs. However, it's advised to seek emergency glazing services for any broken panes that compromise your home's security or allow the elements or pests inside.

Pros of DIY Window Repair

If you are considering carrying out a window repair yourself, it's important to weigh up the pros and cons. Here are the benefits:

  • Saves money: DIY repairs cost just a fraction of what professional window repair services charge. Even with material costs, it's much cheaper.
  • Convenient timing: You can do the repairs when it fits your schedule rather than searching for a quote and waiting for an appointment.
  • Satisfaction of doing it yourself: Some homeowners enjoy being able to fix things with their own hands.
  • Customisation: DIY allows you to choose exact replacement parts and make modifications.
  • Good for minor issues: Many common window problems like stuck sashes or broken cords can be fixed with basic tools and instruction.
  • Educational: Learning how to do minor window repairs teaches hands-on skills and an understanding of how your windows operate.

Cons of DIY Window Repair

Of course, there will always be some cons to consider with any repair job. Here's a look at just a few of them:

  • Advanced skills required: While simple repairs are doable, others like frame, pane and hardware replacement require advanced technical skills.
  • Specialty tools needed: Proper safety gear and specific glazier's tools are required, which homeowners may not have.
  • Easy to break panes: Removing old panes safely without shattering the glass takes practice.
  • Difficulty getting exact replacements: Finding replacement parts that fit your windows exactly can be challenging.
  • Risk of injury: Working at heights, handling glass and using sharp tools can be dangerous for amateurs.
  • Imperfect results: DIY repairs may be done poorly due to inexperience, leaving windows subpar functionally or aesthetically.
  • Voided warranties: Many manufacturers won't honour warranties if amateurs make repairs instead of approved professionals.
  • Time consuming: Repairs often take longer for amateurs lacking the proper tools and know-how.
  • Resale value: Poorly done DIY repairs may turn off potential home buyers and lower the resale value.

Minor DIY window repairs can save homeowners money and allow for custom fixes when done carefully. However, large repairs or replacements are usually better left to experienced glaziers to ensure safety, proper installation and warranty coverage. Consider both DIY practicality and when it's best to hire a pro. For emergency glazing services, always use an insured professional to secure your home properly against the elements. Evaluating the pros and cons ahead of time can help you determine if a window fix is a DIY project or best left to the experts.

If you don't feel as though you are up to the job, give us a call at Britannia Glass and Glazing Ltd. We are available 24/7 to help with window repair and replacement for both domestic and commercial properties.