Why Double Glazing Is Best Suited For Your Office Glass Replacement Windows

When it’s time to look at office glass replacement, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that more businesses are double glazing their office windows than ever before. Given the comforts and benefits double gazing brings to homes all over Britain, and the amount of time you and your employees spend in the office, it only makes sense to want to bring these benefits into your work environment. If you’re considering office glass replacement companies, here are the reasons you should be considering double glazing.

Energy Efficiency

Chances are you went into business to make money, not to spend it all on overheads. Even if you’re generating energy through efficient means, you could be losing a lot of that energy through single-glazed windows. Energy bills aren’t going down anytime soon and double glazing is renowned for its ROI. When it comes to saving money, installing double glazing could be the most intelligent office glass replacement move you could make.

Minimise Distractions

As tempting as it may be to see your staff’s internet surfing habits as the biggest workplace distraction, you’d be surprised how staff can lose focus through environmental factors. Traffic noise and construction sites are two of many factors that can create fatigue and annoyance in even the most diligent workers, and given that your office is likely to be in a built-up or industrial area, the impact on productivity can be huge. Double glazing can reduce noise by up to 75%, creating a more comfort6able and productive workplace for everybody.

Reduced Cleaning and Maintenance

Whether you’re a start-up company that’s committed to their own cleaning or a growing organisation that leaves it to the professionals, the reduction in condensation that double glazing brings will save you time and money. Beyond cleaning, you’ll immediately notice less wear and tear through cracking and peeling, meaning less time and money spent on repairs. Double glazing itself is notoriously low maintenance, especially as it’s stronger than its single-glazed counterparts.

Increased Security

It’s often said that where there’s glass there’s an opportunity for intruders. However, double glazing any glass that leads into your office immediately reduces your security risk. Multi-locking systems are easy to fit double-glazing, provided you have the right team replacing your glass. With all the benefits of double glazing, it’s easy to see why the commercial sector is warming toward it. Of course, you want the right glaziers on the job, and you’ll find them at Britannia Glazing. Whether you need office glass replacement due to an emergency or whether you want to capitalise on the benefits listed above, they’re the team you should call.