How to repair a broken double glazed window with glass between two panes

Double glazed windows are generally much harder to break than their single pane counterparts, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible! If the worst happens and the glass becomes cracked or broken, you’ll want to know how to remove broken glass from a double pane window as quickly and safely as possible. 

When panes of glass crack or break in a double-glazed window, they will usually remain in the window frame. While they can be removed, you’ll need to be extra careful when taking the glass out. 

Whilst we explain how to fix a doubled glazed window it is important to note that handling any broken glass is dangerous. Speak to glazing experts before you attempt any repair, they will have the specialist equipment required to fix your window and avoid injury.

double glazed window broken

What You’ll Need

Before you get started, make sure you’ve got all the equipment you might need, such as:

  • Glass handling gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Putty knife
  • Sharp, multipurpose knife
  • Drop cloth
  • Thick, rubble bags for disposal

Ideally, you’ll have a deglazing tool to hand as well but, in most instances, you will be able to remove broken glass from a double pane window without professional deglazing tools. If in doubt, contact a professional glazier who can undertake the task for you.

Removing Glass from a Double Pane Window

If you want to try removing cracked or damaged glass from a window yourself, plan the process carefully and be sure to prioritise your safety. Working with any type of glass can be hazardous but handling broken glass can be particularly dangerous, so take extra care not to injure yourself. 

Step One – Set up Safety Gear

Before you begin working on the window, lay a drop cloth around the area. This will help catch any shards of glass that drop when you remove the glass and make the clean-up process easier. In addition to this, put on appropriate eyewear, such as safety goggles, and glass handling gloves to prevent cuts. 

Remember – always wear shoes when you’re removing glass from a double pane window! You never know when broken glass might fall from the window, so wear appropriate footwear at all times. 

Step Two – Remove Beading

Double glazing beading holds the glass in place within the window frame, so you’ll need to remove this before you can take the glass out. Most modern UPVC windows use internal beading, so you should find it easy to access from the inside of the property. 

To remove the beading, use a putty knife to gently pry the beading away from the glass. As it comes loose, you’ll be able to discard the putty knife and simply pull the beading away with your hands. 

However, be careful not to damage the glass further when you’re removing the beading. If the glass is already broken or cracked, it will be weaker than usual and could be at risk of further damage if you place too much pressure on the putty knife. 

PRO TIP: As the beading holds the panes of glass in place, you’ll need to gently support the glass as you remove the beading to prevent it from falling. 

Step Three – Remove Sealant

If there is glass sealant underneath the beading, this will also need to be removed before the glass can be lifted out. A sharp, multipurpose knife or a deglazing tool should cut through old sealant fairly quickly but, again, be extra careful not to cause additional damage to broken panes of glass. 

Step Four – Lift Glass from Frame

Once the beading and any sealant has been removed, you should be able to remove the remaining glass from the window frame. This can be done by hand, providing you’re wearing protective gloves. Have an appropriate method of disposal, such as a thick rubble bag to hand so that you can place the broken glass directly into a safe interim storage location. 

Replacing Broken Glass in a Double Pane Window

Now you know how to remove broken glass from a double pane window, you’ll need to know how to replace the glass too! Firstly, you’ll need to source a pane of replacement glass that fits the window frame. Then, use plastic spacers to fit the replacement glass into the window frame. If necessary, you can add sealant to hold the window in place, although UPVC beading is often sufficient to hold the glass securely in place. 

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Should You Repair Broken Double Pane Windows Yourself?

Although removing broken glass and repairing a double pane window seems deceptively simple, it can be a complex and time-consuming job. What’s more – working with broken glass can be hazardous. Due to this, it’s generally advisable to call in the professionals when you’re dealing with a broken double-glazed window. 

With professional expertise, specialist tools and plenty of experience, Britannia Glass are on hand to remove, repair and replace broken double-glazed windows 24/7. We operate all over London at all times of day and night to make sure your emergency glazing situation is dealt with quickly. To find out more, contact our friendly team now on 0203 305 7161.