How To Deal With Smashed Windows

Discovering a window has been smashed in your home can be distressing. Whilst it is normal to feel overwhelmed and panic, take a deep breath and begin the process of securing your home. Once you know the cause and have decided if the situation warrants police involvement, you must clear up the mess, and get your window repaired or replaced as soon as possible. 

Police involvement?

You need to decide if the situation warrants police involvement. Signs your window was smashed in a burglary or a purposeful act of vandalism include, but are not limited to, unfamiliar clothing, tools and blood spots found in and around the affected area. If you suspect this to be the case, don’t hesitate to contact the police. Your local station will send an officer to investigate and write up a report on the damage. If any belongings were stolen, the officer can begin the process of recovering them. 

You should also notify your insurance company to start a claim. If your window was vandalised, the police can provide you with a crime reference.

Secure your home

It is vital to secure your home as soon as possible. A broken window puts you at risk of theft, weather-related issues and pest infestation. It is also a safety risk. Shattered glass, both inside and outside your home, can be a severe danger hazard. 

Before thinking about window repairs, block off the room with the affected window in it. If you cannot block off the affected area, you should ask everyone to remain out of the room, and ensure children and pets are kept far away.

You can now begin securing your damaged window. There will most likely be shattered glass around the affected window. If you can, and it is safe to do so, carefully collect and dispose of any large shards of glass. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any smaller fragments. Ensure to wear sturdy shoes and use heavy-duty gloves to clear up the glass. 

When it is time to repair or replace the damaged window, call a reputable emergency glazier as soon as possible. This will ensure the security of your home.

Sometimes a temporary fix may be necessary. If the smash took place during the night or emergency glazing is not immediately available, use an emergency ‘boarding’ up service to secure your home before glass repairs or replacement is possible.

Preventative measures

Finally, prevent your windows from shattering in the future. Whilst glass is not usually prone to breaking, cheaper glazing is more prone to damage. Incorrectly fitted windows can make the glass more susceptible to flexing, and sudden temperature changes can increase the risk of cracking.

To avoid such problems, ensure your windows are made of high-quality materials and fitted by experienced professionals. More robust windows are typically more energy-efficient, reducing moisture build up which could promote cracking. With 30% of break-ins occurring through windows, stronger and higher quality windows make it harder for burglars to smash them.

In most situations, the ideal solution is choosing to replace your windows with ones that are better designed and reinforced. This will make your home safer and help you feel more comfortable sleeping at night. 

If you find yourself with a smashed window, Britannia provides a range of Emergency Glazing Services alongside 24hr Emergency Boarding Up Across London. Whether your window was damaged in a burglary, accident or by an act of vandalism, you need to get it fixed fast. Britannia is always on standby and ready to respond. Call us on 0203 305 7161, and we can get a glazier to your home within the hour.