Can You Close a Broken Window?

Broken windows can occur for all sorts of reasons, from broken locks to shattered glass. Getting a broken window fixed should always be a top priority due to the risk of property damage and decreased security. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can address a broken window quickly and effectively.

Boarding Up a Broken Window

Having a broken window boarded up is one of the quickest and easiest ways to remedy the problem. It will temporarily fix the issue of your property being accessible and ensure that it is properly secured until the window can be replaced or reglazed.

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Making the Area Safe

A broken window inevitably causes a security issue as it means your property is unsecured, but it can pose a safety risk too. If shattered or broken glass is present, you’ll want to collect and dispose of this before taking any further action. To do this, make sure you have the right equipment to hand, such as:

  • Cut-proof work gloves
  • Heavy duty trash bags

Then, you can put any pieces or shards of glass into a strong garbage bag to ensure that it doesn’t cause any harm or unwanted injuries.

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Temporarily Fixing Broken Glass

If the window is broken due to a small hole in the glass, you can temporarily fix the issue using duct tape, masking tape or packing tape. Firstly, gently press on the glass to ensure it doesn’t show any signs of bending or shattering. Secondly, add layers of tape over the hole so that it’s fully covered. Be sure to extend the tape to cover any cracks in the broken window pane too.

If the window is damaged due to a larger hole in the glass or if the entire window has been shattered, carefully remove the pieces of glass from the frame and use cardboard to board up the hole. Use strong tape to stick the cardboard to the frame or the sides of the window, making sure that no gaps are left. Run the tape the full length and width of the window, so that the cardboard is fully secured.

Alternatively, you can affix plywood to the affected area and use screws or a fixative to hold it in place. Use a microfibre cloth to gently apply pressure against the frame if you’re using a fixative and be aware that nails, screws or fixatives may cause long-term damage to the window frame.

Reducing Airflow with a Broken Window

Covering a broken window pane with cardboard will reduce some of the airflow but adding a layer of plastic will enhance this effect and help to prevent the interior of your property being damaged due to moisture or rain getting in. 

Place a trash bag or garbage bag over the cardboard and tape the plastic to the window frame to create a seal. This will significantly reduce the airflow and provide enhanced protection until you get the window replaced.

How to Close a Window with a Broken Handle

If the handle of the window is broken, you may be able to push the window shut simply by pressing on the frame itself. Similarly, if you need to know how to close a window with a broken lock, you can push the frame shut with a little pressure.

However, a broken locking mechanism or handle may prevent the window from being fully closed or secured, so it’s still important to seek professional help. By repairing or replacing the handle or lock, for example, you can restore full functionality without having to replace the entire window or frame. 

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Fixing a Broken Window

Knowing how to close a broken window can ensure you’re able to deal with the immediate aftermath but seeking professional assistance is the most efficient way to remedy the problem. With help from an emergency glazier, for example, you can get a broken window reglazed or boarded up in no time. 

What’s more – seeking help from an experienced glazier will ensure that you can get your broken window fixed without having to deal with shattered glass, broken locks or cracked window panes yourself.

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