When does your home insurance cover broken windows?

A cracked or broken window is not only a health risk but can invite potential thieves to steal from your property. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, you need to know when you can claim a broken window on your insurance. This article will cover what insurance is needed to cover for this type of property repair and the process you can be expected to go through.

broken window insurance

Does home insurance cover broken windows?

The simple answer to this is yes, you are covered by your insurance if your window is damaged. However, it’s a bit more complicated. You are likely paying for two types of insurance for your home. Or perhaps a combination of the two:

  • Contents insurance
  • Building insurance

Contents insurance is associated with your belongings. It covers various items on your property in the event of theft, fire or a natural disaster like flooding. It doesn’t cover the damage to the building. 

Buildings insurance covers any damage to the walls, ceilings, doors and windows. So, any time you need your windows replaced or fixed due to damage, your insurance company will payout. This includes accidental or intentional damage as long as it wasn’t caused by a resident.

When will your home insurance not cover window repairs?

Insurance companies won’t cover any repair fees that are deemed as self-inflicted or caused by neglect. This can even include installing poor-quality windows, which makes picking the right company to install your windows more important than you might have realised. 

Unfortunately, self-inflicted damage can also be seen in unlikely circumstances, such as a tree falling and breaking a window. It may surprise you that your insurance company can argue a tree was planted too close to your property. You might want to check your insurance policy as you can be surprised by other situations viewed as “self-inflicted”.

Will CCTV help me make an insurance claim?

Obtaining CCTV footage for an insurance claim can help, especially if your provider is proving to be stubborn. You can also benefit from having eye-witnesses that can give an account of what caused your window to be smashed.

Are landlords responsible for broken windows?

If you rent the property privately, your landlord has to resolve any major repairs to your property. Repairing and replacing windows comes under the responsibility of your landlord

So contact your landlord as soon as you are aware of the problem. You could be held responsible if you leave the issue and it results in further damage. Make sure to have it in writing and keep a copy yourself. Email or text them as this means you both have the same physical copy, it is always advisable to communicate this way to ensure you have a paper trail of the conversation. 

If your landlord is refusing a major repair, we recommend getting in contact with Citizens Advice. You can also get in touch with the Environmental Health department at your local council if your home is in a bad state of repair. When you report them to your local council, make sure you provide any dates you have had contact with your landlord and their responses to your repair requests. 

Commercial window repair

If you own a shop, restaurant or any other type of commercial property, we are aware of how important it is to have your windows in the best shape possible. A broken window is a risk to not only your employees but your customers too. Then if anyone gets hurt due to shards of glass you can be held accountable. This isn’t even taking into account the risk of theft.

You should look for an insurance policy that covers public liability, business interruption and buildings and contents insurance. The buildings and contents insurance will cover you if you need your windows fixed. 

Boarding up your windows 

If you want a short-term solution. Boarding up your windows is a great way of protecting the security of your property. You can use a boarding-up service or read our article that covers how to board up your own windows.

Window repair process

In the event that your property was damaged due to theft and your window is smashed, you should always contact the police first. Get the police on the scene and give over what information you can.

While you wait for the police to arrive, make sure you document the damage or loss of belongings. Take pictures and make notes, and make sure to think about any valuables that thieves would target. This includes TVs, sound systems, games consoles, computers, jewellery and anything else you will miss.

If it is due to an accident, you can ignore these steps and move on to contact your insurance company. Then finally, you can speak to us.

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During an emergency, you may not have access to funds to cover the cost of boarding or glass replacement, and waiting until you do can risk the security of your premises. In this case, it is useful if your insurance company can be directly billed, allowing work to commence without delay.    

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