Need a Glass Repair? What to Look for in a London Glazier

A broken window is one of those frustrating experiences that you’re likely to face sometime. Having it happen in your home is bad enough, but it’s even worse if it’s your retail or commercial premises. To confuse matters, there are glaziers throughout London who range from the excellent to the atrocious. Here’s how to separate the professionals from the cowboys.

A 24/7 Service

This is absolutely vital, as broken windows can happen any time and need to be addressed promptly. Look for glaziers with a free emergency number you can call day or night. Better still, keep this number in your phone in preparation for an emergency. You just never know.

Availability of Glass

The more glass your glazier has in stock, the faster they’ll be able to get to you. Look at any types of glass you may need, contact glaziers who advertise a wide range of glass, and ask if they can meet your needs should an emergency arise. The last thing you need is a glazier turning up at your premises and being unable to repair anything.

A Boarding Service

Sometimes the best strategy is to securely board your premises to keep out the elements and the criminals. On the off-chance your repair will take longer than expected, be prepared by choosing a glazier that offers an emergency boarding service. Boarding should be solid, secure, and able to withstand whatever is thrown at it. Ask your chosen glazier what materials they use and ensure all boarding will be installed by professionals.

Police Approval and Full Insurance

If looking online, make sure these factors are mentioned somewhere on your glazier’s website. Less reputable glaziers won’t be able to offer police approval, while full insurance will give you peace of mind should something go wrong. Steer clear of any glaziers who can’t offer you these levels of assurance.

Experience in Many Industries

The most knowledgeable glaziers will have experience across numerous industries. Look for those who have experience repairing or boarding up pubs, schools, commercial premises, and homes. One tip is to use a glazier who works with letting or real estate agents. Working at this level is a guarantee that they know their stuff.

Other Service Glass Repairs

While it’s unlikely you’ll want a cat flap installed at 2am, you may as well ensure you have a one-stop shop for those one-off jobs. The best glaziers will have an array of experience from fitting cat flaps in your homes to mirrors in your retail store. Anything to do with glass, glazing, and boarding should only be undertaken by a professional. Get looking in advance before the worst happens and you need urgent glass repairs.