The Inconvenience of Needing to Find A Glass Repairs Service

Windows don’t wait until it’s convenient for you before they break. In fact, the law of broken windows suggests it will happen in the middle of the night, on a bank holiday weekend, in the middle of winter. Even if it isn’t quite that bad, your prized possessions are still exposed to criminals and the elements, with every passing moment only increasing the risk. Don’t waste those moments trying to find a glass repair or glass replacement service in London. Be prepared by seeking the following in advance.

24/7 Repair Service

This is the most vital thing you need from a glass repair and glass replacement service. An answerphone isn’t going to get your window fixed at 2am, so you need to ensure that the glass repair or glass replacement company you call on can spring into action as soon as you call them.

One-Hour Response Time – Even in London

A huge population is what makes London a great place to live and own a business. It’s also what makes your home or business vulnerable when your window is broken. Look for a glazier who guarantees a one-hour response time. Think of this as the golden hour by which your livelihood will be saved. Time is everything when you have a broken window.

Experience in Customer Satisfaction

There are so many glaziers to choose from in London that it can be tough making the right call. Like any business, those who know their stuff stay in the game the longest. Look for 20 years of excellent customer service plus written testimonials. Substandard service is simply not good enough when it comes to glass repair or replacement. Demand the best. A Huge Range of Glass in Stock There’s nothing worse than having a glazier turn up to your home and business and tell you that they can’t do the job because they don’t have the glass. After all, glass is what they do. Unless you have decidedly unique glazing, you should reasonably expect any emergency glazier to have standard varieties of glass in stock. You should also expect a free quote.

A Professional Boarding-Up Service

If you’re not seeking glass instantly or would rather wait for a specialised form of glass, it’s essential that your premises or belongings are still protected. Emergency glaziers who also provide emergency boarding mean you can rest easy in the knowledge that your property won’t fall prey to criminals, squatters, or the weather. Boarding requires as much professionalism as glazing, so don’t try and do this yourself. Response, reputation, and reliability are the three Rs of emergency glazing. London glaziers Britannia Glazing is renowned for offering all three and more.