Reasons to Replace your Glass When it is Not Broken

Shattered and cracked glass is an irritating and disheartening fact of life, especially if you own your home. It shouldn’t be a regular occurrence, but when it does happen it’s best to seek assistance from an experienced glass repair company.

A broken window is a security risk as soon as it happens. If there’s the ease of access to your home, shop or business, it needs to be addressed as an emergency. The last thing you want to do is leave it until another time and come back to find it’s too late. Glass replacement is available 24/7 and you should take advantage of this.

Vandalism, burglary and accidental breakages aren’t the only reasons you’ll need to get the glass repaired or replaced. Here are a few scenarios when it’s time to make the call.

Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazing is great. It keeps you and your family nice and warm in winter and cools in the summer with easy-to-open windows. If you’re living on a busy road, it protects your beauty sleep from traffic noise and gives you a greater sense of safety. You could be experiencing condensation inside your double glazing, have a broken lock or unsteady hinges. Don’t leave it until it becomes an expensive and elaborate job. Seek help now for glass repair and keep on top of any future problems.

Old Windows

While old windows may be a feature you love for aesthetic reasons, they’re not energy efficient and are a security risk due to the single pane of glass. It could be tempting to keep old windows in your property if they offer historical flair or simply because you don’t have time to get a glass replacement. The problem is you’re throwing money down the drain. It’s not cheap to heat your home, especially with the increase in fuel prices, so why add to the cost?

Conservatory Doors

Accidents happen and windows exposed to gardens could be at risk to damage, especially if you have children and teens in the garden playing sports. Not only this, but it can be tempting for criminals to try their luck entering your home by smashing through the doors to your conservatory. It’s extremely important to ensure you have curtains or blinds installed on all windows of the conservatory to shield your belongings from burglars. If it’s too late, you need to have your windows boarded up for safety, or have them repaired or replaced immediately.