4 Reasons for Why Your Window is Broken

Ever had a broken window and wondered how it happened? Because the root cause of glass breakage isn’t always obvious, you need to consider the likelihood of different scenarios. The ones explained here are those most commonly seen by companies specialising in emergency glass repair in London.

Accidents, Burglary & Vandalism

We’ve probably all experienced one of these causes of breakage for ourselves since they’re the most common reasons for damage to a pane of glass. In the excitement of the football game it’s easy to kick a bit too enthusiastically, or for back garden cricketers not to be able to resist an overarm throw. And of course, burglars attempting to break into your home will often attempt to gain access by smashing a window.

Thermal Expansion

A sheet of glass in a door or window is already under a certain amount of stress, and any additional pressure can deliver the coup de grace. Breakage caused by thermal shock usually happens when one area of glass becomes hot (because it’s in direct sun, for example) and another stays cold (due to being in the shade). The hot segment of glass expands, increasing the pressure elsewhere in the pane: the result can be quite dramatic.

Forces of Nature

As the British weather becomes more extreme, we’re getting used to this as an underlying cause of broken glass. This year alone, high winds sent tree branches and other debris crashing through conservatories and windows all over the country. We’re not yet used to monster hailstones of the kind found elsewhere in the world, but this may well be in our future as a common cause of broken glass.

Spontaneous Breakage

If you haven’t experienced this for yourself it can be hard to believe, but glass does break for no apparent reason. The most common root cause of this is thought to be tiny flaws that are – usually very rarely – incorporated in the glass sheet during the production process. These flaws take the form of Nickel sulphide, which is stable at high temperatures but may expand at room temperature. The flaw then presses against the surrounding glass, increasing pressure in a similar way as seen in thermal expansion, and often resulting in a dramatic breakage.

Whatever the reason behind your glass breakage, it’s important to get the window boarded up and the security of your home restored as soon as possible. Britannia Glazing is your first port of call for emergency glass repair in London. With no call-out charge and a response time of under an hour, they’ll help you put the shock of your broken window behind you.