Need a Glass Fixer? Save on Your Energy Bills with New Glazing

Households are paying more and more towards the cost of gas and electricity – since 2010, bills have risen by over a fifth (21%). If your energy bills are continuing to rise, you may be asking yourself how can I reduce my energy bills? Did you know you could save yourself hundreds of pounds every year, on your energy bills with new glazing? So why not hire one our qualified glass fixers today?

Why Are You Losing Money Right Now?

Up to 25% of the heat in most households escapes through windows. Windows are the main route through which your house is losing heat – heat which you are paying more and more for each year. How then can you stop heat escaping and save money on your energy bills?

Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce or prevent heat escaping from your home. One option is to draught proof your home. By focusing on filling gaps around your windows and doors – you could reduce your energy bills by around £10 to £50 per year. The other, more cost-effective option is to replace your old windows with new, more energy- efficient glazing. Here savings could be more considerable.

How Energy-Efficient Glazing Works

Energy-efficient glazing – or double glazing – creates an insulating barrier in the gap between the panes of glass that make up your double-glazed windows. This barrier keeps heat in your home by reducing the amount of heat that escapes through your windows. This not only makes your home more warm and comfortable but also shrinks the cost of your energy bills.

How Much Can I Save?

The exact amount you could save every year depends upon the type of building you live within and the energy efficiency of your new glazing. However, as an example, the Energy Saving Trust has estimated that a family living in a detached house could save up to £175 per year by installing ‘A-rated’ energy-efficient windows.

More Comfort, More Peace and More Quiet

In addition to saving you money, installing energy-efficient glazing will also provide you with a more comfortable home by reducing draughts and cold spots. And by helping to keep loud external noise out, new glazing could also offer your home increased peace and quiet.

Alternatives to Double Glazing

Not all properties are suitable for traditional energy-efficient glazing, such as listed buildings or homes in conservation areas. At Britannia Glass, we are experienced at providing the right alternative energy-efficient solution that respects the integrity and character of your building. Whatever your glazing needs, Britannia Glass can help to reduce you energy bills. Call today to find out how on how to contact our glass fixer specialists.