Can you Storm Proof your Windows and Minimise Storm Damage?

Storms can cause a lot of property damage if you leave your home unprotected.

It is inevitable that a storm will cause lots of damage wherever it goes. However, at Britannia Glass we have been boarding up windows, repairing and installing glass for over 20 years

We have become experts in our craft, making us the fast and reliable option. So, let us give you some insight into how we do our job so you can learn to protect your home from a storm. We know if you can protect your windows, you can protect your home.

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What types of storm damage can you expect?

 These are the obvious forms of property damage you can expect when a storm is around:

  • Broken doors
  • Debris brought inside 
  • Shattered windows
  • Water damage 

We can effectively eliminate the majority of these issues by securing your window. We do this best by boarding up windows. It should be said that the closer you are to the coast and sea level, the more damage you can expect. Frequently water damage occurs when the windows are left exposed. Exposed broken windows can lead to water rushing through your property. Even rain from the storm can cause significant damage due to strong wind

Unprotected, broken windows act as a gateway for rubbish and debris to be swept into your building causing futher damage.

How to board up and protect windows at your building

First of all, you will need some tools to start boarding up your windows:

  • Circular saw 
  • Drill bit set
  • Power drill
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure

If you have these tools then you will want to buy these materials:

  • Hardwood plywood
  • Lag screws
  • Washers 

The process shouldn’t be too hard but we recommend spending the whole day doing this. Obviously, the more windows you have the longer it will take to cover them.

Step by step guide to boarding up your windows

  1. Measure the length of your windows, get their width and height.
  2. Use those measurements to cut the hardwood to length with the circular saw, but add 8 inches so you go onto the frame.
  3. Drill holes in the plywood with your power drill, use the right drill bit for the right material.
  4. Mark where each hole goes on the window frame and use your spirit level.
  5. Drill in your lag screws, make sure to place a washer between the screw and the hardwood.

A look at stormproof windows

Stormproof windows are an interesting way of trying to minimise storm damage. They work by having two pieces of glass sandwiching a layer of flexible membrane. When debris hits the glass instead of shattering, it cracks creating a spiderweb of broken glass held in place at the frame. 

It is particularly useful in stopping anything from entering your building. Unfortunately, it does mean that if something hits the glass hard enough it will ruin the appearance of the glass. Often making you replace the pane entirely. However, stormproof windows are designed to stop the window breaking, leaving your house exposed to the storm and further damage.

Compare this to plywood that completely negates the possibility of a window fully breaking and almost entirely reduces the chance of the glass cracking. The below video is particularly good to show how plywood protects against extreme weather. If it can withstand a hurricane it can withstand a storm. That is why at Britannia Glass we use high-quality plywood for our boards.


Britannia Glass’ storm protection 

At Britannia Glass, we understand that getting the job done yourself can be quite the feat. Storm Eunice showed firsthand the destruction that can be done. So, if you can’t get access to the materials needed then we can help. Or if you don’t have time to change your schedule we can do it for you.

Britannia Glass offers a 24hr emergency boarding up service across the whole of London with no call out charge. Even if you are dealing with the aftermath of a storm we provide a fitting service for toughened glass. All our services or done by fully trained glaziers so you’ve got our guarantee that we will do the job professionally. So don’t let property damage ruin your day. Minimise storm damage and give us a call on 0203 305 7161 today!