Why You Need To Replace Cracked Windows

Windows are a source of light and air for your homes; they add beauty and prominence and are also a massive safety precaution. So cracked and broken windows are not only a safety hazard, they are a hazard to your home’s beauty!

Many factors, including pressure, impact, and stress, can cause glass windows to crack. When you see cracks in window glass, it is vital to find a temporary safe solution to stop the damage from worsening. You’ll then need to think about repairing or replacing the glass permanently.

So why is it necessary to repair or replace cracked windows?

broken cracked windows


Broken or cracked windows are a massive safety issue. They make it easy for break-ins to occur. So, to protect your home from theft or further damage, it is thus necessary to replace or repair your windows as quickly as possible; we advise you to get your windows looked at by a professional glazier to ensure the glass is repaired or replaced correctly.


Alongside safety issues, broken or cracked glass windows are highly unattractive; they destroy the charm of your home. So, to restore your home’s former beauty, ensure to choose a trustworthy window repair and replacement company like Britannia.

Weather Resistant

Broken or cracked glass windows provide an entry point for dirt and dust. In the case of rain, water can also enter your home. So, to avoid any of these weather-related issues, it is essential to replace or repair damaged windows as soon as possible.

Air Leaks

Broken or cracked glass windows result in air leaks. This is a common problem in homes, causing heating or cooling systems to become ineffective, which involves more energy expenses. Regardless of how much you cover damaged window glass, air will still leak to some extent. It is thus essential to replace or repair your windows as soon as possible; choosing a high-quality window frame will improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Improve your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Choosing to replace damaged windows provides the perfect opportunity to install double glazed windows.

Double glazed windows insulate your home far more efficiently than their single glazed counterparts: with an additional pane of glass, they don’t let as much heat escape. Double glazed windows are also tougher to smash and more challenging to break than single glazed windows, and much more difficult to force open from the outside, making it harder for burglars to break-in.

Find out more about the benefits of double glazing.

These are just a few reasons why repairing or replacing cracked or broken windows in your home is imperative. For the same reasons, it is also essential to repair or replace cracked office or workplace windows.

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With so many companies offering glazing services, it can be hard to know who to choose. At Britannia, we think our 20 years in the glazing industry shows we are here to stay; our longevity results from our fantastic reputation and satisfied customers.

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